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AXE Shower Tool Skin Cleanser for Smoother Skin Detailer Exfoliates and Gently Cleanses

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Get a double deep clean You never know when opportunity will strike, so you need to know you’re feeling fresh and smelling ready for whatever comes your way. Sometimes a simple splash ‘n’ dash just isn’t enough. Get cleaner with a shower-time sidekick that’s really got your back. And your front. The Dual-Sided Shower Tool skin cleanser takes your shower experience to the next level. It cleans deeper and leaves skin smoother. It exfoliates as it cleanses. Squeeze your favorite Axe fragrance Body Wash for men into the Detailer’s mesh side for a thick, luxurious lather that brings freshness wherever it goes.

Say goodbye to underarm sweat. Then flip the Detailer over to try the body exfoliator side, for extra deep cleaning that removes dead skin and daily debris from rough spots like your elbows and heels. When you’re 100 percent fresh and clean, rinse the Detailer under the shower, squeeze it out, and hang it up to dry. For best results, replace your Detailer every 4-6 weeks. After showering, finish off with your favorite AXE fragrance body spray, deo, or antiperspirant. You’ll be left smelling ready and feeling smoother than ever. Find Your Magic with AXE – The No. 1 Mens Body Wash Brand in the World. Fresher you, cleaner planet. By 2025, AXE aims for all our packaging to be recyclable or to include recycled materials. At AXE, we believe that one of the keys to attraction is an irresistible fragrance. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving you all the best tools to make sure that whenever the opportunity comes your way, you smell your absolute best. From our body sprays to our shower gels, our antiperspirants to our deodorants, we’re doing everything we can to make sure no one gets left out of the attraction game. Welcome to the future. It smells amazing. New and upgraded AXE. Smell ready.

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